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Health/Medical insurance
Does your employee/crew insurance only cover you whilst you're onboard and working? You may need to take out seperate cover for when you're onshore. 
If you leave your current employment.. you won't be covered. 
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Medical related insurance claims:

Working in the yachting industry can be interesting and fun, but at some point you may find yourself needing medical assistance, this due to illness or an accident. Camper & Nicholsons International provides you with these simple steps to follow.

Should this happen to you and your regular registered doctor is miles away, you may find yourself wondering what to do and how to get help; all of this can be even harder if you are in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language.

Most yachts these days have a management company who take care of insurance claims and help with the relevant paperwork. In order to benefit from their assistance and ensure that your claim is dealt with in an efficient and speedy manner, you will need to follow a few simple steps.

If you have a health concern while working aboard a managed yacht, continue reading:

Speak to the Captain

Your captain has the responsibility of advising you of the scope of cover provided under the crew medical policy.  In order for a claim to be opened, the Captain will need to inform the management company with an incident report or at least an email declaration, briefly explaining the circumstances.  This refers to basic medical concerns. However, in the event of a medical emergency (serious illness/accident requiring hospitalisation), the Captain or yourself can contact the insurance administrator and/or the medical emergency provider noted in your policy.

Liaise with your insurance administrator

If there is doubt as to coverage and/or assistance, your Insurance Administrator will be able to liaise with insurers on your behalf and advise further.

Keep all receipts and medical reports

Whether you consult a specialist, go for a scan or simply need transport to the doctor’s office, keep all the receipts, as the insurers will require these in order to reimburse you.  If extensive treatment is carried out, it will also be necessary to keep copy of medical reports.

Keep on top of your paperwork

If applicable, your Management Company will provide you with a Claim Form along with detailed information on how to complete the form. Keep in touch with the person who is taking care of your claim and make sure to promptly send updates of any new developments.

Don’t delay!

Receiving a claim form with important expenses incurred some 6 months after the fact is never easy to process.

Author credit: Camper Nicholsons 4/2/2014